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Most catered events are planned prior to knowing what the actual guest count will be. The client simply makes an educated guess for purposes of creating an event plan.

Ten days prior to the event date, however, Blue Moon Caterers will need to know the Final Guest Count, as staff must be scheduled, and products ordered for the event. After this point in the process, it will not be possible to lower the count further, as product will have been brought in for the event. It is not uncommon for a client to request an increase in the FGC after this date, and in most cases Blue Moon Caterers is able to accommodate these requests.


Part of the value Blue Moon Caterers brings to the table is its skill and experience in planning events of all types. We are pleased to provide assistance in planning your event, and can usually do so in a phone meeting...and for weddings, a face to face meeting is typically arranged.


We are happy to pack up any leftovers for you, but it is the client’s responsibility to provide appropriate containers. For proper Food Safety, it’s critical that the products get chilled quickly, so we also recommend that you bring an ice chest with 6” of ice in it to begin the chilling process as soon as possible (a bonus is that ice chests are really handy for transporting leftover containers!). If Blue Moon Caterers provides containers, a $40 fee applies. Blue Moon Caterers cannot be responsible for Food Safety once the products are packaged.


Blue Moon Caterers can deal with most special dietary requirements, and has developed a few vegetarian and gluten-free menus from which to choose. Ask your Sales Representative for details.


We carefully plan the logistical details of every catered event, and many of these are driven by the timing of all the various elements that occur on each event. These times are shown on the Quote that Blue Moon Caterers produces for each event, and labor and other costs are impacted by these. If the actual event times at an event are different than listed on the Quote...either by plan in advance where Blue Moon Caterers has not been advised, or by circumstances once the event begins, it can have an impact on our ability to provide appropriate guest service, and our costs. Blue Moon Caterers reserves the right to adjust billing on any event where the actual event element times vary materially from the times listed on the quote.

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