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A Blue Moon Caterers Quotation is our offer to extend products and services to you as specified and priced, and upon your Acceptance (written or verbal) and our e-mailed booking confirmation, becomes our Event Plan. We will then begin making preparations as needed to execute the Event Plan. It is your responsibility to review the Quotation for accuracy, and to contact Blue Moon Caterers if it does not reflect your wishes. You can make changes at any time up until ten days in advance of the event date, but at that time (“Contract Date”), we will consider the Event Plan to be final, and a formal, non-cancellable contract. A final Guest Count is required at this time. In the absence of communication from the Client on the Contract Date, we will assume the most recent Event Plan is the final Event Plan, including Guest Count.

If you wish to make changes to the Event Plan after the Contract Date, we will do whatever is practical, but may not always be able to make the changes you want. It is not uncommon to increase the Guest Count after the Contract Date, and we are typically able to accommodate these requests.


It is common for us to be in discussions with multiple parties regarding multiple events on a given date, which may include Quotations having been delivered. These discussions and Quotations do not imply a guarantee of our availability. We often have dates that suddenly become “full” without notice once we’ve booked the number of events that max out our capacity. In order for us to guarantee our availability for a specific date without an approved Event Plan, we require a $500 non-refundable catering deposit. This deposit is also required on all weddings at the time of Acceptance or sooner. The deposit funds will be credited to the final billing on pre-tax amounts in excess of two times the deposit amount, or 50% of the original quote amount (whichever is greater), and cannot be transferred to other events or dates.


Our final quotation becomes your invoice. Payment is due seven days prior to the event (on some catered events, bar charges are not known until after the event. In this case, these charges are not due until the first business day following the event). Blue Moon Caterers prefers Checks, but accepts Cash and all major Credit Cards when presented at our remittance address (see address below). We can accept credit card payments over the phone, or off-site, but require the CVV code, billing street number and zip code, and a $12 convenience fee for each transaction.

For mailed payments, our remittance address is Blue Moon Caterers, 8406 West Central, Wichita, KS 67212.

Unlike most caterers, the prices we quote have no mandated gratuities, service charges, “catering charges”, or any other unlisted costs or multipliers. We pay our staff very well, and no tip is necessary or expected. We typically put out a tip jar at bars we tend, and these monies are shared among the staff that works your event.

All policies are subject to change without notice.

Blue Moon Caterers Sales and Administrative Office: 316.612.4694 | 8406 West Central, Wichita KS 67212 |